An honest request

How budgeting and planning works for us.

Because Indivisible’s largest single source of support is grassroots donations, there’s always a big question-mark hovering over our plans. That’s because small dollar giving is heavily event-driven. It spikes in moments of crisis or outrage; it goes flat in moments of malaise. We can’t predict the future, so we never totally know what the coming year holds for our fundraising.

Planning for the end game of this election.

This has been a really weird year for fundraising. Frankly, for a lot of this year, a lot of people were depressed. That was pretty reasonable! But depressed people don’t tend to hit the donate button. So the result was, we fell short of our fundraising goals — repeatedly. That’s not just Indivisible — it’s been true for a lot of our partners too.



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Indivisible Guide

Indivisible Guide


Indivisible is a locally-led, nationally coordinated movement-building progressive power in every state.