An incredible win for climate and healthcare — thanks to you!

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3 min readAug 12, 2022


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Today marks a historic moment in our nation’s history. Following Sunday’s passage in the Senate, today the House passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

This bill represents:

  • The largest investment in climate action in our country’s history
  • The ability for Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices
  • Continued savings on ACA Marketplace healthcare premiums
  • A commitment to reduce carbon emissions 40% by 2030

…And those are just a few highlights.

Biden, Schumer, and progressive champions in Congress have achieved an incredible victory for the American people and the world. This is the sort of legislation that could define an era and turn the tide in the fight against climate change. But they did not do it alone.

Our voices have power, and our elections have consequences. Without the work of climate and healthcare activists building to this moment for decades, we would not have achieved this landmark legislation. Without the work of organizers to ensure that Trump was a one-term president and seat more progressives in the House and the Senate, we would not have the votes to ensure its passage. And without actions, calls, letters, and good trouble from Indivisibles like you, we would not have been able to push our representatives into such progressive policy.

Years from now, we will be able to look back on this moment as a watershed moment in American politics where progressive policy and political power came together to achieve momentous gains towards saving this planet and its people.

But it is not over.

Through celebrating this achievement, we are getting a glimpse of what progressives could do with a real Democratic majority. In the past two months, we have achieved the first gun control legislation since the 90s, increased investment in domestic semiconductor manufacturing (a necessity to achieve climate goals), and now, the Inflation Reduction Act. These are all necessary and groundbreaking pieces of legislation achieved in spite of obstruction from MAGA Republicans.

This November, if we can hold the House and pick up two more seats in the Senate, we have a chance at the type of real majority that would drive this country into a progressive future we could all be proud of — voting rights, abortion, marriage equality, and court reforms are just a few of the things we could immediately address for the good of the country.

In celebration of what we have achieved today, and in acknowledgement of how much more is possible, we are setting up a phonebank so we can make our dreams a reality.

Click here to register for a phonebank for Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock on Monday, August 22 at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Let’s make sure that our Give No Ground candidates have the support they need to deliver us a trifecta in November.

Give No Ground is not just the name of our program to hold the power to achieve change, it is a philosophy that reminds us that we cannot continue to cede control of this country to MAGA extremists who want to roll back our rights solely in order to line their own pockets.

We are less than 90 days from the midterm elections. The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is a glimpse into the sort of impact we could have with a truly progressive Congress. Let’s put in the work to make sure it can happen. Register to phonebank today.

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