Announcing Indivisible’s Presidential endorsement

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4 min readSep 5


Last week, we asked you a very important question: Do you support Indivisible National’s recommendation to endorse President Joe Biden for reelection?

Your response was resounding: With 97.2% of respondents voting in favor, we are excited to announce that Indivisibles have overwhelmingly voted to endorse President Joe Biden’s campaign for reelection.

At 97.2%, Indivisibles voted to endorse by an even higher margin than our presidential endorsement vote for Biden in 2020 (95%), showing that we understand the seriousness of this upcoming election, the incredible accomplishments Joe Biden and his administration have achieved in this term, and the opportunities ahead if we can elect a strong, progressive, Democratic party in the 2024 cycle.

Some of the Biden administration’s biggest accomplishments:

Biden’s first term began with a trifecta and the mandate of the people to bring stability and a people-first administration to the White House. However, we soon learned — due to the maneuverings of Senators Manchin and Sinema — that our trifecta wasn’t a true, durable majority. Despite the obstruction caused by these senators and their moneyed interests, the Biden administration still managed all of these incredible achievements, and we are ready to send them back to the White House for more.

Why is this endorsement important?

It appears Democrats are on a collision course with Trump’s MAGA machine all over again in 2024. Despite facing four indictments, Trump still sits firmly at the top of the potential GOP nominee list (in fact, seemingly because of his indictments, he has gained ground among Republicans). And Kevin McCarthy is laying the groundwork to return to Congress next week and launch a brazenly political impeachment investigation into the president to distract the public and tarnish Biden heading into an election year. Democrats need grassroots support to power another resounding rebuke of MAGA extremists.

Coalescing behind Biden is the first key to creating the kind of unified Democratic front we will need to win true majorities. We are not looking to win the White House again and be stuck in the same positions with special-interest senators blocking our progress (see: Manchin, Sinema) or a divided Congress. We need to win back the House, vote a true majority into the Senate, and hold the White House so that we can push an empowered trifecta to codify abortion rights, balance the court, ban assault weapons, and create the inclusive and fair democracy we dream of for all.

This endorsement is our first step to get there.

And if you’re ready to put everything you’ve got into reelecting President Biden and securing real majorities in Congress, here are our next steps:

We are getting started early this cycle because the threat of Trump is once again so clear, and we don’t have time to waste. This endorsement is the first step in bringing the left together to defeat Trump (again), codify abortion rights, balance the court, create a fair economy, and direct the country to a green future.

Thank you for being Indivisibles. Thank you for believing in our movement and the power of your fellow Indivisibles. Most of all, thank you for always being ready to do the work to defend our democracy and create a fairer and more inclusive country. We couldn’t do this without you.



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