Biden celebrates gun legislation, help block an anti-choice judge, and Monday updates

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Today, President Biden held a ceremony celebrating the passing of a bipartisan gun bill meant to reduce gun violence across America.

This bill is the first major gun safety bill to pass since the 1993 assault weapons ban and is a first step forward in the face of an ongoing crisis in this country. Though it was signed into law on June 25, we still saw another major mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois a week later.

This bill is a step in the right direction, but it is not enough.

When we look at the trajectory of recent legislative fights in this country, we have to acknowledge one fundamental fact — without a larger and consistently progressive majority, nearly every bill brought forward ends up blocked or watered down due to MAGA obstructionism. When you compound that obstructionism with an illegitimate Supreme Court that is working in opposition to popular American values, electing officials who are ready to fight for our fundamental rights becomes increasingly vital.

We call this bill bipartisan because, following the events of Buffalo and Uvdale, a few Republicans finally stepped up to the plate to work across the aisle on gun safety legislation. But the truth is that they have been the singular obstacle to passing common sense gun reform since 1993. Their collaboration on this bill is not a sign of a new era of bipartisan cooperation. It is a reminder that it takes multiple tragedies to get right-wing extremists to pass even the most obvious and basic reform.

To achieve the changes we truly need, we’re going to have to win a real majority.

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

Your 5 weekly to-dos

  1. Click here to register to Give No Ground. The fight for our country’s future begins today. We are going to put every bit of effort we can into holding the House and increasing our majority in the Senate. Give No Ground is our home for opportunities to phonebank, textbank, canvas, postcard, and more so that when November comes around, we can say that we gave it our all for democracy. And, while you’re there, check out the new Give No Ground resource hub to dive into more information about the tools and tactics we’ll use to win in November.
  2. Click here to call your senator and demand they pass the Markey Court Expansion Bill. Even as Democrats work to expand our rights, the threat of them being overturned by the Supreme Court looms large. We must expand the court after Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell conspired to pack it for generations to come. The only way to re-legitimize the court is to expand it. Contact your senator and, when you’re done, click here to contact your representative and tell them to pass Rep. Mondaire Jones’ House version of the bill.
  3. Sign up to support court expansion at Four More. We’ve launched a new website about the need for court expansion with our partners at Stand Up America, Take Back the Court, and Demand Justice. We can’t let the Supreme Court steal anymore of our rights. Visit Four More to learn more about expansion and how to get involved.
  4. Click here and demand Biden not nominate anti-choice lawyer Chad Meredith to a lifetime judicial appointment in Kentucky. Biden was set to nominate an anti-choice candidate on the day that Roe v. Wade fell. This nomination is a slap in the face to the millions of Americans who have spoken up about bodily autonomy since the reversal of Roe and an abdication of his duty to represent the American people. Biden can still choose a different nominee. Let’s make sure he does the right thing.
  5. And, to be extra thorough, click here to tell your senator to reject Chad Meredith’s confirmation. If Biden decides to go through with it, the Senate must not confirm this nomination. Tell your senator that Chad Meredith is unfit for a judicial seat. This is a lifetime appointment. We have one opportunity to get it right.

The work of defending democracy continues with your help. In order to keep Give No Ground running and to fund all of the work we do here at Indivisible, click here to donate today.

National Events

Click here to register for Indivisible’s Deep Canvassing Phonebank for Matt Cartwright, John Fetterman, Andy Kim, Lauren Underwood, and Rev. Raphael Warnock on Tuesday, July 19 5pm-8pm ET/2pm-5pm PT. Deep canvassing is a proven method for persuading and moving voters to action even across ideological differences. At this event, you’ll receive a 1hr training on deep canvassing fundamentals, followed by a 2hr phonebank + debrief for the Eastern or Central Give No Ground candidate of your choice. At our last deep canvassing phonebank, we were able to move 10% of the voters we talked to which is a massive shift in the electorate, especially in close races! We will specifically focus on abortion in these phonebanks; so, come learn how to effect change in the abortion debate while making calls for progressive champions.

IndivisiWin of the Week

Indivisible Civic Engagement Beyond Voting co-founder Melinda Merkel Iyer winning a 2022 Best Grassroots Effort Award at the Best of the Capitol award ceremony by the Arizona Capitol Times.

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Every day we are getting a little closer to the November elections. Let’s put in the work right now to ensure we get to celebrate on November 9 and clear a path for progressive reforms that will carry us into the future. Give No Ground today!



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