Breaking: Call now to protect contraception access and same-sex marriage

It has been a wild few days:

  • On Tuesday, the House passed the Marriage Equality Act meant to codify rights for same-sex marriage into federal law by a vote of 267 to 157 with support from all House Democrats and just 47 Republicans.
  • Today, the House passed the Right to Contraception Act meant to codify access to contraception into federal law by a vote of 228 to 194 split roughly along party lines with only 8 Republicans voting in favor of contraception.

You read that right — 157 Republicans voted against same-sex marriage and 194 Republicans voted against access to contraception.

When the Dobbs decision came down a month ago, buried in Clarence Thomas’ concurring opinion was a passage stating that the Supreme Court should reconsider its rulings on same-sex relationships, same-sex marriage, and contraception access. At the time, pundits and politicians across the country rushed to reassure the American people that these fundamental rights were not in harm’s way. The last two days prove otherwise.

Our champions in the House answered the call for action, and moved these bills forward. We now need the Senate to step up and pass these two bills immediately.

Honestly, it’s going to be very difficult to get 10 Senate Republicans to vote for this bill and avoid the filibuster. But, we know that these bills are widely popular — the American people do not want their access to contraceptives to be at the whim of state-level elected officials nor do they want their family members denied the institution of marriage.

We cannot allow the MAGA-led rollback of our rights to continue — not while our senators have the power to intervene. Voting against these bills would be wildly unpopular and put these politicians’ careers in jeopardy (which is why we saw some House Republicans vote with Democrats on these bills). Let’s make sure Republican senators know it too!

Click here to call your senator and tell them they need to pass the Right to Contraception Act and the Marriage Equality Act immediately.

We cannot afford to wait. We’ve already seen that the majority of Republican elected officials are fine with these basic rights being stripped away. Let’s do everything we can to support these bills in becoming federal law before another fundamental right is revoked.



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