Defeating MAGA Mayhem

Democrats have a MAGA Messaging Problem

We may have defeated Donald Trump, but we haven’t defeated MAGA mayhem. The criminal conspiracy to overthrow our government has birthed a movement of election deniers seeking power everywhere. A rising local right-wing movement is picking fights at the school board level, capitalizing on classrooms to stage fights around critical race theory, book bans, censoring history, attacking teachers, and targeting LGBTQ kids. At the national level, far-right extremists on the Supreme Court just overturned Roe v. Wade and are signaling that they don’t plan to stop there (hint: Republicans will pass a nationwide abortion ban and come after contraception, gay marriage, and more if we don’t stop them).

Defeating MAGA Mayhem in PA-01 and PA-10

To understand the plan, you’ve got to understand two (really important) poll numbers.

Continuing the Fight in Pennsylvania (and Defeating MAGA Mayhem Nationwide)

This week and next week, we’re backing up our groups in PA-01 and PA-10 with the next piece of their campaign: two full-page newspaper ads in the three largest newspapers in the districts calling out Rep. Fitzpatrick for his extremist views on abortion and Rep. Perry for his role in the insurrection. Click on the links to check out the ads!



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