From January 6th to November 8th

What’s working about the hearings

We’re seeing polling data suggesting that the hearings are breaking through the noise. Since mid-June, support for uncovering what happened on January 6th has increased — including among Republicans. Recognition that the events of January 6th involved not only Trump but a broader group of Republican enablers has risen.

The criminal conspiracy that tried to violently overturn our elections on January 6th is ongoing.

The attack on the Capitol on January 6th may have ended in failure, but the attack on our freedom to vote has only begun — and it’s growing more powerful and more dangerous every day. Career elections administrators are being violently threatened and harassed out of their jobs. Sham “audits” have been used to distract, derail, and sow doubt in the results of the last election. Voter suppression legislation has made voting in key states much harder, particularly for brown and Black people. Across the country, Big Lie candidates are running for everything from local county clerk offices to Governor of Pennsylvania. Republican House and Senate candidates are embracing the Big Lie, and if they win, they’d be poised to have the power to do in 2024 what they could not in 2020. Perhaps most terrifyingly, the Supreme Court just took a case that has the potential to radically empower state legislators to dictate the outcomes of federal elections.

We have to make sure voters connect the dots.

Perhaps the greatest risk we face right now is that voters view January 6th as something that happened in the past — terrible, yes, but also not relevant to the problems they face in 2022. If that’s how they see it, we’re in real trouble.

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If you’re an Indivisible leader, volunteer, or looking to start a group, and you just read the above and thought…that sounds great! Where do I learn more? Well, we’ve got you covered. From July 12–14th, we’re hosting our convention for Indivisible leaders and activists. This three-night series was designed with input from Indivisibles to cover the topics you think are most crucial — strategic, persuasive messaging, creative voter outreach strategies and movement coordination, and recruiting membership and strengthening your groups. We’ll have incredible guest speakers, but perhaps most importantly, we’ll have opportunities to connect with, learn from, and strategize with other Indivisibles. Sign up NOW to hold your spot (and if you’re already signed up, forward this to a friend or fellow group leader). Register once and you’re signed up for the entire event. (You will need to sign in to your zoom account to register.)

Take the Indivisible Group Leader Support Survey

If you’re a leader, you know that ever since we got off the ground in 2017, Indivisible has been testing, innovating, and developing new ways to support local groups. That’s looked like many different things over the years, from building a distributed fundraising system to help you raise and spend money to launching grants and reimbursement programs to developing customized versions of tools like EveryAction and TurboVoter to running caucus programs for communities of interest. The common thread is that we care about creating tools, resources, and supports that make it easier for you to do your work.

In closing

I’ve been told I can’t close without a picture of Zeke, so here he is, smiling and happy, just a few minutes after he got his FIRST COVID VACCINE SHOT this month:



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