How to break the horror-inaction-acceptance cycle

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Three quick things to know:

  1. The reforms being proposed are wildly popular. Look down the long list of gun violence prevention policies — and every single one of them has massive public support. The only people who oppose them are gun zealots and MAGA Republicans bankrolled by the NRA. Our opponents in this fight are a small, radical minority — the vast majority of normal people support gun reform.
  2. House and Senate Democrats will attempt to pass popular reforms. The specifics aren’t yet set, but movement is happening right now. This week, the House is going to pass a package of popular gun reforms. We believe Senate Democrats will line up in support of these reforms as well. We are not yet sure if universal background checks will make it in the package — but we’ll push for it (and it has 94% public support).
  3. If gun reform fails, it will be the MAGA GOP who block it. Gun reform can’t get through without ten GOP votes because of the filibuster. Gun reform used to have bipartisan support — the assault weapons ban in the 1990s wasn’t even filibustered. But that’s not the modern MAGA GOP. Today’s Republicans have obstructed and are threatening to obstruct all gun safety legislation.

What to do about it:

Remember our goal is to prolong the national attention on the issue beyond the typical few days these massacres normally get. So with that in mind:

  1. National show of support on June 11th. Indivisible is partnering with March for Our Lives on nationwide actions in support of these gun reforms on June 11th. Our goal is to keep the focus on getting legislation passed ASAP. To do that, we need numbers — and that means you.

What will this accomplish?

If we are successful in maintaining the nation’s attention on this, there are two possible outcomes:



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