I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the fascists win in a forfeit

  • Constituent Power. We still believe that the rising authoritarian threat is a danger to us all. We still believe that there are more of us than there are of them. We still believe that the only way we will succeed in defeating the fascists is through organized constituent power. And we still believe that locally-led, nationally supported groups are a unique contribution to the development of this power. We believe in the power of the Indivisible movement because we’ve seen it with our own eyes.
  • This Democratic Trifecta. We also believe that we still have a Democratic trifecta (it’s true!), and we expect Congress to return to BBB and finish it up by March. Passing a multi-trillion dollar package will do good for many millions of people and the Earth. And we’ll be working with Indivisibles to convince the Biden Administration to move aggressively on executive actions to deliver on as many of his campaign promises as possible.
  • Accountability for those who betrayed us. Earlier this week we asked Arizona Indivisibles if they would want Sinema primaried in the event she betrayed them on this democracy vote. A stunning 94% enthusiastically said they would. Kyrsten Sinema turned her back on her constituents; no single Democratic senator — Manchin included — was as detrimental to this cause as she was. We’re already working on plans to make sure that she doesn’t hold any office after this term. We look forward to sharing them soon. My main goal isn’t fundraising right now, but if you want to support that effort, you can donate here.
  • Elections. More generally, we still believe in elections. We want to elect diverse, progressive Democrats. If we are to ever have hope in passing structural reforms to safeguard our democracy in the future, we desperately need a larger and better Democratic House and Senate. We contacted tens of millions of voters to Get Out the Vote in 2020. We will need to do more this year.
  • Democracy. The unfortunate reality is that substantial democracy reform is likely no longer possible in this congress. It pains me to write those words, but it would pain me more to lie or offer up false hope. Yes, there is a longshot possibility that we’ll see traction for a small-scale reform of the Electoral Count Act, but getting that done will require support from a Republican Party that remains controlled by Trump and his anti-democracy forces. Even if it were to succeed, it would do little to roll back the GOP attacks on democracy at the state level. So that means we have to do longer-term planning for how our movement can support election integrity–and work to prevent election subversion–in the lead up to 2024 in the absence of federal legislation to safeguard our democracy.
  • We can give up.
  • We can keep building power.



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Indivisible Guide

Indivisible Guide

Indivisible is a locally-led, nationally coordinated movement-building progressive power in every state.