It’s official: Donald Trump is running for president…again.

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3 min readNov 16, 2022

Tonight’s deplorable announcement comes after voters across the country issued a resounding rejection of MAGA through last week’s midterm elections, but we know Trump and his cronies are not backing down. January 6th was a preview of their intentions for our democracy — and if they can amass enough support and resources over the next two years, they could once again seize power.

This nightmare scenario does not have to be our reality. Thanks to Indivisibles and grassroots activists across the country, we held the Senate and staved off the red wave in a historic over-performance for Democrats. But the forces supporting Trump, from election deniers to self-proclaimed moderates, will not go quietly. Everything we care about — from controlling our own bodies, to accessing quality health care, to loving who we love, to keeping our families safe from gun violence, to voting and having our vote count — remains at risk.

Indivisible was built by thousands of volunteers and activists specifically for this fight, for this moment.
In 2020, we defeated Trump.
In 2022, we defeated MAGA candidates up and down the ballot.
In 2024, we’ll do it again.

First: Make sure you’re registered for our national call TOMORROW, November 16 at 8pm Eastern Time/5pm Pacific Time. Trump’s candidacy impacts our plans for the year ahead, but Indivisible is ready to respond. Join us tomorrow to discuss our response to Trump’s announcement, our work in Georgia for the runoff elections next month, and how we’re making the most of these final weeks of the current Congress to pass as many of our priorities as we can.

Then: Sign up to tell us you’re all in to fight MAGA extremism, defeat Trump (again), and save democracy. Two years ago, Trump incited and encouraged his hateful followers to lead a violent insurrection. We’re marking the anniversary of the January 6th attack on our country by kicking off our campaign to beat him, hosting rallies and public-facing events to show MAGA and the country that we are fighters. And we are ready to beat him one more time, right where it counts: at the ballot box. Sign up now to get everything you need to organize or attend an event in your community, and we’ll be in touch with event ideas, messaging guidance, and more.

Finally: It’s going to take a massive investment to fund our work over the next two years to ensure Trump remains a one-term president. Our campaign to win in 2020 required tens of millions of dollars to mobilize and train tens of thousands of volunteers; recruit new people to their local Indivisible groups; provide voter contact resources, tools, and technology to our entire network; and make sure we were running radio, TV, and digital ads throughout the cycle to persuade and turn out key voters. We can’t wait — the work to defeat Trump begins now. Click here to donate $10, or whatever you can, to make sure we have all the resources we need to organize and win.



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