It’s time to get off the Manchin Merry-Go-Round

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2 min readJul 23, 2022


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Last week, Joe Manchin announced he won’t support any climate provisions in the already pared-down reconciliation bill. This latest about-face comes as several countries struggle with record-breaking heat waves and the western U.S. faces a mega-drought.

This is not the first time Joe Manchin and his corporate backers have undermined Democratic priorities. On almost every critical issue facing this country, Manchin has sided with the GOP. Last year, he joined Republicans in defending the filibuster and tanking voting rights legislation. This year, he voted with Republicans to block the codification of Roe. Now, as we face multiple climate emergencies, Joe Manchin has ended any hope of climate legislation passing this year.

We need a bigger, more progressive Senate majority to sideline Joe Manchin and deliver a positive agenda for the American people. That’s why we’re backing Mandela Barnes and John Fetterman in their campaigns to be the next senators from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. As lieutenant governors, they’re taking the fight to Republicans and they’re committed to protecting our right to vote, codifying Roe, and passing climate legislation.

We’re investing millions of dollars to make sure strong progressives like Barnes and Fetterman win in November, but we need your help. We rely on grassroots funding to run all of our electoral programs from direct voter contact to ads, training, research, and more. If you can, click here to donate $10 to support our electoral activism and fight for a future where Manchin can’t get in the way of progress.

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We’re fighting to prevent a MAGA takeover of Congress, but we also have to make sure there are serious consequences for Democrats who sabotage popular legislation. Click here to call your senators and urge them to remove Joe Manchin from his position as chair of the Energy and Natural Resources committee. By promoting the interests of the fossil fuel industry and stalling climate policies, Manchin has made it clear he’s not fit to be in a climate leadership position.

With your help, we can hold Manchin accountable and elect a Democratic majority that will actually do what it takes to protect our fundamental rights and treat climate change like the crisis that it is.



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