Judge Janet Protasiewicz WINS! Now let’s flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Great news: Judge Janet Protasiewicz just WON HER PRIMARY in Wisconsin and is headed to the general where she’ll have a chance to flip the Supreme Court in the “most important election in America in 2023.”[1]

Indivisibles like you played a huge role in this victory, doing something almost no other group in the country did: We had thousands of conversations with Wisconsin voters about why they should vote for Judge Protasiewicz. Wisconsin Indivisibles knocked doors while volunteers across the country sent nearly 150,000 texts.

All of it was funded by generous support from members of this movement who understand just what’s at stake in this election: the future of abortion rights in Wisconsin, voting rights in a key battleground state heading in 2024, the fate of gerrymandered maps that virtually guarantee perpetual Republican control of the legislature. And oh yeah — in the event of a contested election next year, this court could determine the winner of the presidential election.

Whether those decisions are made by a court with an activist, MAGA majority or a liberal, pro-democracy majority comes down to the result of the April election. It comes down to whether Janet Protasiewicz wins or loses.

That’s why we’re not wasting a second in getting back to work. That’s why we’re asking you to chip in, right now, to help us flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court this April.

If you haven’t donated yet because you didn’t want to take a side between the liberal judges in the primary, we understand — and we’re asking you to make your first donation today. If you’ve already chipped in to help secure this primary victory, we thank you. And we’re asking you to donate once more, if you can, to get our general election programs up and running.


We take no pleasure in telling you that this race is expected to be the most expensive judicial contest in US history. Right-wing groups have already spent millions trying to lock out liberal candidates and secure a total victory in the primary.

Thanks in part to our grassroots efforts, they failed. And it’ll be grassroots organizing that helps us overcome all that right-wing spending in April.

Because this work is volunteer-driven, we don’t need to raise millions over the next few months. But we DO need your help to get these programs fully funded:

  • IndivisiTexting — For about $6,000, we can text 170,000 Wisconsin voters with messages persuading them to turn out for Janet Protasiewicz. And we’re trying something unique this election — we’re targeting likely voters and asking them to have conversations with other members of their households. One text could equal 5 or more votes!

We’re celebrating tonight, but tomorrow we want to get to work starting up as many of these programs as we can.

If you have the capacity to chip in (or chip in again) to help win the most important election of 2023, please make a donation here.

We’re so grateful to everyone in this movement for making tonight possible. And with your help, we look forward to celebrating the even bigger victory when we flip the court this April.

[1] A Colossal Off-Year Election in Wisconsin, by Reid J. Epstein. New York Times, 1/16/23.



Indivisible is a locally-led, nationally coordinated movement-building progressive power in every state.

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Indivisible is a locally-led, nationally coordinated movement-building progressive power in every state.