MAGA Republicans are so petty that they will throw veterans under the bus

Last week, in a surprise turn, Sens. Schumer and Manchin announced that they had reached an agreement on a reconciliation package — The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

Following a year of turmoil surrounding reconciliation, this is a major step forward towards a Democratic agenda. Some highlights:

  • A 15% Corporate Minimum Tax ensuring the ultra-rich pay their fair share
  • Closing the Carried Interest Loophole that is a giveaway to Wall Street investors, and cracking down on wealthy tax cheats
  • Investments in cleaner energy solutions that put us on the path toward a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030
  • Permission for Medicare to negotiate drug prices (lowering prescription drug prices)
  • Continued lower Affordable Care Act premiums for millions of Americans
  • And more…

This bill would be an incredible step forward for the American people and the world itself, staving off the impending doom of a climate crisis.

But, of course, Republicans could not let this go without throwing a tantrum.

Immediately following the news of a reconciliation agreement, in a fit of rage worthy of a toddler, Senate Republicans blocked the PACT Act — a bill that would expand health care and benefits to veterans exposed to toxins while deployed.

A bipartisan bill to help veterans, previously passed by the Senate in June by a vote of 84–14 before having to return due to a procedural issue, was blocked by Senate Republicans just to throw a tantrum. The same MAGA extremists yelling “support our troops” chose to risk the lives of those who serve and delay the care veterans desperately need just because they were mad at Democrats.

This is the future we have to look forward to if we don’t win in November — acts of petty retribution not based on ideology or the will of the American people but rather grounded in the need to stick it to another political party.

We cannot allow this to become our new reality.
We must vote them out before more Americans suffer.

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

Your 6 weekly to-dos

  1. Click here to call your senator and tell them they must pass the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 immediately! We already know MAGA Republicans will do anything in their power to block this bill and prevent us from delivering for the American people. Fortunately, we don’t need their votes, as long as Democrats hang together. The bill is currently on track to make it to the Senate floor this week. We have a short window in which to make sure it has the support needed to pass and we can not allow Democrats to back down on this historic deal. Call your senators now, and let them know that the American people need this to pass without delay.
  2. Click here to register for Indivisible’s Bird-dogging Training today Tuesday, August 2 from 8:00–9:30pm ET/5:00–6:30pm PT. Bird-dogging is a powerful tactic used by grassroots activists to get candidates and elected officials on the record about important issues. As we get closer to Nov. 8, it’s important that people see just how little these MAGA Republicans represent the will of the people. Learn how best to use their own statements against them at this training. This training will be facilitated by one of the founders of Bird-dog Nation.
  3. Click here to call your senator and tell them to pass the Marriage Equality Act immediately. Following the Dobbs decision, same-sex marriage is now on the chopping block for the Republican Supreme Court. Last week, Senate Republicans blocked passage of the Right to Contraception Act reminding us that our rights are not only in jeopardy, but Republicans will actively refuse to enshrine them into law without pressure. We cannot allow the MAGA-led rollback of our rights to continue — not while our senators have the power to intervene. Voting against the Marriage Equality Act would be wildly unpopular and put these politicians’ careers in jeopardy (which is why we saw some House Republicans vote with Democrats on it). Let’s make sure Republican senators know it too!
  4. Click here to call your senator and demand they pass the Markey Court Expansion Bill. Even as Democrats work to expand our rights, the threat of them being overturned by the Supreme Court looms large. We must expand the court after Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell conspired to pack it for generations to come. The only way to re-legitimize the court is to expand it. Contact your senator and, when you’re done, click here to contact your representative and tell them to pass Rep. Mondaire Jones’ House version of the bill.
  5. Click here to register to Give No Ground. The fight for our country’s future begins today. If we do not hold the House and achieve a real majority in the Senate, our plans to codify basic human rights will falter. To win, we must get the message out. Give No Ground is our home for opportunities to phonebank, textbank, canvass, postcard, and more so that when November comes around, we can say that we gave it our all for democracy. And, while you’re there, check out the new Give No Ground resource hub to dive into more information about the tools and tactics we’ll use to win in November.
  6. Do you live in a rural area? Click here to join our National Rural Program. We have special election resources and calls specifically for our rural Indivisibles where you can learn more about strategies and issues specific to Indivisibles living in rural areas. If you want an idea of what that looks like, click here to check out our agenda and notes from previous meetings.

The work of defending democracy continues with your help. In order to keep Give No Ground running and to fund all of the work we do here at Indivisible, click here to donate today.


Indivisible is proud to announce a special round of endorsements coming in right under the wire for today’s Missouri primary: Cori Bush (MO-1), Trish Gunby (MO-2), Randi McCallian (MO-8) and Lucas Kunce (MO-Sen)!

We can’t say enough good things about this exceptional group — and we are going to need to put all of our support behind them to defeat the MAGA Republicans running across the state. Check out our press release to learn more about why we endorsed these candidates.

National Events

Click here to register for the Give No Ground National Activist Election Call this Thursday, August 4 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. The 2022 midterms will be less than 100 days away! The political landscape continues to shift. Get an inside look at what Indivisibles are doing this election to make sure we Give No Ground to the radical right in November.

Click here to register for the Freedom is on the Ballot: Tested Ads and Messaging training this Thursday, August 4 from 1:00pm-2:15 ET/10:00am-11:15 PT. In collaboration with ASO Communications, Community Change, Future Forward, MoveOn, and Way to Win, we’re calling for all communicators, influencers, and activists to join us in discussing the tested storylines that have been most effective in inspiring voters and fighting back against Trump Republicans’ attacks. With freedom on the ballot, we must go on offense now putting out effective content to render clear the stages and terms of this election in order to ignite voters’ anger and turn it into active resistance to the MAGA agenda.

IndivisiWin of the Week

Indivisible Lumpkin uses the Georgia Bulldogs mascot to drive support for Raphael Warnock’s Senate campaign in Georgia.

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We are now 98 days out from the November election. Republicans are consistently showing that they have no desire to run this country with the will of the people in mind. MAGA Republicans want to center petty retribution and their own wealth above the wellbeing of everyday Americans. Let’s make sure we do the work so that they don’t have the chance.



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