MTG calls for secession..again!

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4 min readFeb 27, 2023


Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) just tweeted that America needs a national divorce, dog-whistling secession in 2023.


That’s right, we emailed you about this last week, and this morning she’s doubled down. A sitting Member of Congress (MoC) is repeatedly calling for the dissolution of the United States. That is, by definition, anti-American!

Ok, but, we all know MTG is the epitome of MAGA extremism. Why are we focusing on this?

Making Republicans pay for their extremist positions is one of the core principles of our formula to win in 2023.

That involves three things:

  • Getting them on record
  • Making sure everyone knows how out of touch they are
  • Ensuring that the entire MAGA brand is toxic

It should be easy to see MAGA as the anti-American, special interest, pro-billionaire extremists they are. But, they have waged a continuing campaign of misinformation to make their constituents believe they are standing up for everyday Americans, even as they work to strip away their rights and block any possibility of economic equality.

We cannot relax our efforts to expose MAGA extremism and make them pay for their wildly unpopular positions.

We know we’re not going to change Marjorie Taylor Greene’s positions, but we can put the question in front of every one of her Republican colleagues: Do you support Greene’s call for secession or do you condemn it? We can make sure their constituents know their answer. And for those members too craven or extreme to say they oppose dissolving the United States, we’ll make sure their constituents know how to hold them accountable.

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

Your 4 weekly to-dos

  1. If you have a Republican representative, call and tell them to condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene’s support for secession and demand they make Kevin McCarthy take action. Get your representative on the record. Demand that they condemn MTG. When they don’t, share their support for the dissolution of the United States with your networks. When Republicans refuse to condemn their most extreme allies, they tacitly support their actions. Let’s make sure our friends and neighbors know that the Republican party is supporting secession. No need to call if your representative is MTG, but you can still spread news about her anti-American stance.
  2. If your Republican MoC refuses to speak out, publicize it! Any Member of Congress who can’t bring themselves to reject Greene’s comments should be forced to own them. When you’re done sharing with your friends and neighbors directly, write a letter to the editor holding your representative accountable for supporting Greene’s extremism. Republicans are just as responsible for supporting her as she is for supporting secession.
  3. If you have a Democratic senator, call and tell them to ditch the “blue slip” and confirm as many judges as possible. Federal judges have an outsized impact on the execution of national policy. One conservative judge in the right position can completely block progress, or delay it enough to make it essentially useless. Biden has been nominating judges at a historic pace (with over 100 nominations already), but Senate Democrats are still handing significant power to Republicans to block confirmations through an archaic Senate rule called the “blue slip.” Unsurprisingly, Republicans did not follow this rule when they controlled the Senate under Trump. Some Democrats have recently signaled they’re open to eliminating this rule, something they have the power to do immediately. Tell your Democratic senator to support ditching the “blue slip” today!
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Republicans are giving us increasingly more opportunities to remind the world how toxic their brand is — whether that’s calling for secession, proposing a national abortion ban, or lying about nearly every aspect of their personal and professional lives (looking at you George Santos).

Let’s remind their constituents just how unpopular MAGA policies and positions really are. Republicans can’t continue to go against the will of the people forever. We just need to make sure the people know exactly what their extremist representatives stand for.



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