Protecting America from a thrice-indicted Trump

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3 min readAug 2, 2023


How many indictments does it take before a person is ineligible to become president of the United States?

Apparently if you’re Donald Trump, the limit may not exist.

Today marks his third indictment — this time on charges stemming from his shameless promotion of his “Big Lie” after the 2020 election that directly caused the deadly January 6th insurrection. This indictment is one more critical step toward accountability for Trump’s many illegal and unethical actions. The path to justice may take a winding road, but we are still marching toward it every day and Donald Trump will have his due.

But will Republicans care?

These charges arrive in the same week as a Times/Siena poll of likely Republican primary voters shows that Trump holds a commanding 37-point lead over his next closest competitor for the Republican nomination — Ron DeSantis.

The MAGA Republican party does not care that Trump fueled a conspiracy that caused an insurrection. They don’t care that he paid hush money, they don’t care that he stole classified documents, and they don’t care that he tried to steal an election, undermining one of the pillars of a functioning democracy.

MAGA Republicans want Trump, and it’s clear that nothing he has done or will do is going to change that.

We all know that Donald Trump should be disqualified from holding office — the charges in this case clearly point to Trump being the central figure in an attempted insurrection or rebellion — but knowing what is right does not make it happen.

It is critical that we do everything in our power to ensure we don’t end up with another four years of Trump. The threat is real, and we know voters will be tempted to stay home in next year’s election thinking, “we beat him last time, it will be fine.”

It will be fine if we put in the work to make sure it ends that way. Here’s what you can do:

  • Join your local Indivisible Group. If you’ve been waiting to join a group, or maybe fell off after we kicked Trump out of the White House in 2020, now is the time to join up! Building the people power now will allow local groups to scale up their plans for 2024. If you’re already part of a local group, make sure you are planning for the 2024 election cycle now! The first Republican primary debate is just over three weeks away. Next year’s election is already upon us — let’s make sure we’re ready to go!
  • If you have a Republican representative, write a letter to the editor (LTE) holding them accountable for standing behind Trump and helping advance his Big Lie. Otherwise, write an LTE calling attention to the GOP’s insidious ACE Act. The ACE Act (or as we’re calling it The Big Lie Bill) is tailor-made to make it easier for politicians like Trump to cheat the American people out of elections by restricting vote by mail, expanding corporate influence on elections, reducing voter registration, and making voting more difficult for the elderly and disabled — and congressional Republicans are flocking to support it.
  • Chip in $10 to Indivisible Action today! Another Times/Siena poll released today showed Joe Biden and Donald Trump in a dead heat at 43% of the vote apiece in a potential 2024 presidential race. That is terrifying. We need to mobilize at 2020 levels to ensure he does not make his way back into the White House (and potentially pardon himself for his crimes). That means funding for postcards, phonebanks, textbanks, canvassing, and all of the other inventive tactics we can think of to get out the vote in 2024. The more money we have now, the better we are able to plan for the future.

One more indictment means one step closer to accountability for Trump, and one step closer to justice for our country after his unprecedented attack on our democracy. But in order to achieve that justice we have to make sure that Trump never gets close to the White House again, and that takes work from all of us. Now is the time to recommit to win!



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