Republicans are gaining with independents — Help us fight back!

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7 min readOct 17, 2022


According to a new NYT/Siena poll, Republicans have gained ground in the outlook for the upcoming midterm elections:

The Times specifically notes that women who identified as independent voters swung from favoring Democrats by 14 points in September to favoring Republicans by 18 points in October. That is a drastic change in the electorate just weeks before the election.

Now, juxtapose that poll finding with this Truth Social message from Trump this weekend:

This is what we are up against. This is the end result of complacency — the return of antisemitism, racism, ableism, and misogyny to the forefront of American politics.

As Republicans pivot the focus of the midterms to a bland, unsupported version of “we’re better for the economy,” the American people are left with extremists like Donald Trump and his supporters. MAGA Republicans win when progressives get comfortable.

Since the fall of Roe, we have seen a shift in what appears possible for the upcoming midterm elections. There is an actual outside chance that Democrats can hold the House and increase our majority in the Senate.

That will not happen without the work of Indivisibles like you.

We are watching independents once again be swayed by an “economy first” argument which has done nothing but continue to fuel the separation between the rich and everyone else. We cannot sit on the sidelines while MAGA Republicans lie their way back into power and push their hateful agenda.

We are in the home stretch — just three weeks from Election Day. From now until November 8, we must stand up for the country we believe in. Get your friends. Get your family. Get active. Get vocal. Get ready to do the work to defend democracy.

Losing is not an option.

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

Your 4 weekly to-dos

  1. Click here to register for our Deep Canvassing Phonebank to Conflicted Pro-Choice Voters (East/Central) tomorrow Tuesday, October 18 from 5pm-8pm ET/2pm-5pm PT. MAGA Republicans are targeting independents with messaging about the economy, deep canvassing is how we reach out to those voters and remind them that Republicans are looking to enforce a national abortion ban if they gain power. We can not allow voters to forget what is actually on the line. Deep canvassing allows us to have meaningful and fulfilling conversations with voters across lines of difference moving ~10% of voters we contact and ~30% of the voters considered movable. This is where we make a difference.
  2. Click here to register to Give No Ground. Click “volunteer” in the top right corner. If you are a part of an Indivisible group, register as a group, if not you can register as an individual. This is where we will do the work for the next three weeks to hold the House and achieve a real majority in the Senate. To win, we must get the message out. Give No Ground is our home for opportunities to phonebank, textbank, canvass, postcard, and more so that when November comes around, we can say that we gave it our all for democracy. MAGA Republicans are mobilizing, but there are more of us than there are of them. Let’s make sure we show it!
  3. Join Indivisible and partners for a virtual letter writing event this Wednesday, October 19 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. At this virtual event, you’ll learn about how Vote Forward letters have been proven to increase voter turnout, get tips and training on refining your message to voters, and have your letter writing questions answered by the Vote Forward team — all while hearing from experts about what’s at stake during the midterms. Join us for The Big Send 10 million handwritten letter campaign.
  4. Join Indivisible and the Progressive Caucus Action Fund for a free webinar this Thursday, October 20 at 1pm ET/10am PT. This term, the Supreme Court will consider more cases where our rights hang in the balance — from voting rights to clean water to tribal sovereignty, our ability to reign in corporate monopolies and likely even Dreamers’ right to stay in their home. What will the cases before the Court this term mean for our families and communities and how do we fight for a Supreme Court that will truly protect our rights and freedoms? Join us for Next on the Docket: A Supreme Court Preview with our very own Meagan Hatcher-Mays as a special guest.

The work of defending democracy continues with your help. In order to keep Give No Ground running and to fund all of the work we do here at Indivisible, click here to donate today.

Upcoming Phonebanks

With three weeks until the elections, Indivisible has added nine new Give No Ground candidates to our slate. That is nine more progressive nominees in close races that are winnable for us in November. But we can not win these races without putting in the work supporting our candidates across the country. Join us phonebanking for democracy.

Tuesday, October 25:

Georgia is a key state in this year’s election cycle (remember, it was run-offs in Georgia that gained us a majority in 2020). Raphael Warnock is back on the ballot and he needs all of our help. Click here to RSVP to phonebank for Rev. Warnock at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

Wednesday, October 26:

Biden won Wisconsin by less than a percentage point. This election, we have an incredible candidate in Mandela Barnes who is working to defeat election denier Ron Johnson (who can’t even be bothered to say one positive thing about his opponent). Join our Truth Brigade for a phonebank focused on combating the “soft on crime” narrative for Mandela Barnes at 6:30 ET/3:30 PT.

Thursday, October 27: Jamie McLeod-Skinner is in one of the most closely watched districts in the country and Indivisibles have been supporting her all along the way. Mark Kelly, Jevin Hodge, and Kirsten Engel are all aiming to change the direction of Arizona this cycle. RSVP to our deep canvassing phonebank at 8m ET/5pm PT to talk to conflicted pro-choice voters in Arizona and Oregon.

Tuesday, November 1: Join us for another phonebank for Mandela Barnes. This one will be focused more broadly on his incredible candidacy at RSVP to join at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

…More phonebanks to come next week!

National Events

Join Indivisible’s POC Caucus for a virtual phonebank for Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin on Tuesday, October 25 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT. Join Indivisible National POC staff as we talk and connect around issues that directly affect POC, the work that we do, and the world in which we try to create lasting change. In this pre-election week, we will be making calls to support an incredible Black candidate — Mandela Barnes — as he tries to unseat MAGA Republican Ron Johnson. Please note that this is a space specifically for people of color/indigenous group leaders and members.

RSVP for the Indivisible Rural Caucus call on Wednesday, October 26 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Are you an Indivisible activist in a rural area? Come join Rural Indivisibles for our monthly call. Our special guests this month are 2 incredible candidates running for Congress in rural districts: Scott Huffman (NC-08) and Randi McCallinan (MO-08). This is our last call before the election, and we’ll be talking through this final sprint together. We can do this!

Messaging to Win in 2022

Join Indivisible and partner organizations in the Protect Our Freedoms coalition on Mondays at 4pm ET/1pm PT for our Messaging to Win in 2022 briefings. In these sessions we’ll cover the latest intel on key battleground races and share tested messaging on what it will take to protect our freedoms. We’ll present up-to-date research into attitudes of key voting segments, as well as talking points, messaging, and calls to action to mobilize our base to the polls and swing conflicted voters to our side.

IndivisiWin of the Week

Indivisible Lumpkin held a “Send in the Clowns” counter protest to “greet” people going to see Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andrew Clyde speak at the local Lumpkin County Republican Party Meeting.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up on the latest information, and text “INDIVISIBLE” to 59798 to opt-in to our text messaging program where we send rapid response actions a few times a month.

We have three weeks to save the future of democracy in this country. We cannot wait any longer to act. Sign up to join us today!



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