Roe: how we protect each other, and how we fight back

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4 min readJun 24, 2022

By Leah Greenberg, Indivisible co-founder

I’m so unbelievably angry and I know you are too.

We knew it was coming. We knew these MAGA extremists in judicial robes would come for Roe v. Wade. But knowing it’s coming isn’t the same as seeing it in print:

Now the only thing I want to talk about is how we protect each other and how we make sure the conservative justices — and the Republicans who installed them — regret this forever.

The Roe decision has been a constant for my entire lifetime, an enshrined protection of my rights, and those of anyone who can get pregnant. Now, that protection is gone. The Republican Party’s calculated, decades-long plot to seat the most conservative justices they could and build their ideological majority in the Supreme Court has realized its monstrous goal.

There are no easy answers in this moment. We all wish there was a secret plan to fix this, to make everything right tomorrow. No one has that plan — but what we do have is the compassion and courage to protect each other, the determination to fight back, and the people on our side. We’ll build the power to make things right — step by step.

And if there’s one thing we know — if there’s one thing today shows — it’s that no ruling, law, or decision is unchangeable. The rules are determined by who holds the power. So now we have to build the power to fight back.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. I’m going to the Supreme Court. I live in DC, so I’ll go right to the highest court in the land, but across the country tonight, there will be protest events at courthouses and public spaces nationwide starting at 5pm local time. Whether it’s your first time protesting or you’ve lost count over the years, this is the time to join us — to be in community with fellow Indivisibles, and to show that the majority of the country does not support this barbaric ruling. Click here to find the protest nearest you.
  2. I’m going to take action at the local level. Depending where you live, you may still have legal access to abortion, or you may be subject to a “trigger law” that went into effect today, banning abortion outright. Please look up your local laws, and then reach out to elected officials near you and demand they enshrine your rights in state and local law. We also know that today’s ruling does not change the fact that people will still need abortions, today and in the days ahead. You can check out this list of local abortion funds in states with these laws in place, and make a donation if you’re able. Supporting their work will be more urgent than ever.
  3. I’m going to make sure Republicans regret this in November. Today’s decision is not the end of the MAGA GOP’s rollback on our fundamental rights, but just the beginning: Everything from marriage equality to contraception to civil rights is now at risk. The only way we stand against their assault is to ensure they are defeated at the ballot box this year. We need to make sure people understand exactly how dangerous their extremist agenda is, and then we need to make sure that they pay a huge price for this attack on our freedom and dignity. Learn about our plan to Give No Ground this November, or click here to make a donation to ensure we defeat Republicans and elect pro-choice champions in critical races.

I hoped I would never have to send this email. Even after the opinion was leaked, a part of me still hoped that it would be rolled back before it became official. But this is where we are now, and this is the fight we’re going to have to have. Knowing that I’m here, working together with you, makes me sure we have a real chance to win.

This is a moment for action, but this is also a moment of true grief and fear. Please make sure to take care of yourselves and take care of each other right now. Know that my heart is with you all, and that we will not turn back until this injustice is made right.



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