The case for hope

1. The vibe is shifting.

This spring, the headlines were all about Democratic fecklessness. This summer, the headlines are about Republican MAGA extremism. Why the change? It’s about the Dobbs decision and its horrific human consequences. It’s about the January 6th hearings and the horror of a violent, criminal conspiracy to sabotage our elections. It’s about Uvalde and the lockstep Republican support for AR-15s. It’s about the criminalization of gender-affirming care and the persecution of trans youth and their families. It’s about the threat to contraception, marriage equality, and more.

2. The Republican party is not sending its best.

For several months, voters have been comparing Democrats to some hypothetical “other.” Now, as the primaries wrap up, voters will be comparing Democrats to real, live, Republican candidates. And those candidates range from ridiculous to terrifying.

3. The Democrats are getting their mojo back.

The mood in Washington is shifting. The Senate has passed the Inflation Reduction Action, which will raise taxes on the rich while making the single largest investment in fighting the climate crisis in American history (make sure to call your representative now to get it over the finish line!). Voters are looking back at the last year — infrastructure, gun violence prevention, record employment and noticing that a Democratic trifecta is actually solving problems — while Republicans are merrily creating new ones.

OK, so what do we do?

Let’s be clear: these changes didn’t happen on their own. Democrats are picking up the fight BECAUSE movements like ours are demanding it. Across the country, from Arizona to Pennsylvania, Iowa to California, Minnesota to Oregon, Indivisibles are spreading the message that the MAGA GOP cannot be trusted with power, and it will take all of us to defeat them at the ballot box. Even top pollsters are starting to see the shift.

  • We’re running a group-centered digital voter contact plan to reach millions of voters. We’re working directly with Indivisible groups nationwide to shape the environment and the messaging, and ensure that the top concern in voters’ minds is the threat of MAGA extremism.
  • We’re getting press coverage — national, local and everything in between! We’ll work with Indivisible groups to birddog candidates and place stories about them. We’ll flood districts with “wanted” signs for criminal insurrectionists and other creative tactics. We’ll spread the word on social, digital, and relational channels.
  • We’re mobilizing to knock on thousands of doors. We kicked off our first national Weekend of Action last week, with more than 100 events in communities across the country. And we’re planning to go even bigger next month to kickstart our general election work with events, canvassing, postcarding and more.
  • We’re launching pilot programs to go on offense in key battleground states. We’re working directly with local Indivisible groups in Pennsylvania and Arizona to place ads, put up billboards and signs, and flood districts with earned media about the threat of MAGA extremism.
  • We’re sending up to $1,500 grants to statewide networks of Indivisibles to use to recruit volunteers, knock doors, and support candidates.



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