The House majority is on the line — we need your help to expand our Give No Ground slate

What I’m worried about: The race for control of the House is close & MAGA is wildly outspending us.

As The Washington Post reported last week, House candidates — and political nonprofits, like Indivisible — are not meeting our fundraising goals (for transparency’s sake, we missed our goal by about 50% in September and are making decisions about our investments in races across the country based on real-time fundraising data from October). At the same time, we’re being wildly outspent by megarich MAGA donors at a moment when many House races have razor-thin margins.

The decision we’re wrestling with here at Indivisible: Expanding our Give No Ground candidate slate & investing in majority-making races.

When we’re making decisions about our programs here at Indivisible, we want to do it with all the information we have available at a given moment. And right now, that tweet from Dave Wasserman — and our fundraising numbers — are keeping me up at night.

The question: can you give a few dollars to help us throw down on these races?

So, how much does it cost to add a candidate, anyway? Great question. Let me tell you.

  • Host textbanking parties to help Indivisible groups reach voters in their district to make sure they know how important this election is,
  • Activate our national phonebanking tools so Indivisible volunteers can reach potential voters and help them make a plan to cast their ballot on election day,
  • Include the race in our new canvassing tools that allow individual activists to make an outsized impact in their own communities



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