Two words: Trump. Subpoenaed.

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3 min readOct 13, 2022


In today’s final January 6th Committee meeting before the midterm elections, committee members reinforced what we’ve known all along: Donald Trump led a concerted effort to overturn the 2020 election through dishonest claims of voter fraud, culminating in his encouragement of the January 6th attempted coup.

Trump privately admitted that he had lost the election.

He attempted to pressure electors to change the results.

He encouraged his base to refuse the results.

He stoked the anger of known armed extremists at his rally that day.

And when given the opportunity multiple times to try and defuse the attacks, he refused.

January 6th was no accident. It was an active attempt by a departing president to seize power regardless of the will of the American people through violent means — a coup.

After months of meticulously sifting through the events leading up to January 6th and presenting the horrifying realities of that day to the American people, the committee voted unanimously today to subpoena Donald Trump to testify in front of the panel.

This is a pivotal moment. The facts have been laid out and reinforced by compounding evidence of knowledge, intent, and action. Now we will potentially get to hear from the ring leader himself (though we wouldn’t be surprised if, for once, he refuses to speak).

Emphasizing the integrity of this investigation, Chairman Bennie Thompson told the American people, “when you look back at what has come out through this committee’s work, the most striking fact is that all this evidence comes almost entirely from Republicans.”

These proceedings have not been driven by partisan politics but by the facts of an investigation into the attempt to undermine one of America’s most sacred institutions.

But the integrity of future investigations into the threats facing our democracy are in peril.

We know that if Democrats had not held a majority in the House, there would have been no investigation into this attack on democracy. Though many Republicans denounced the attacks as they occurred, many also participated (and still participate) in the promotion of the Big Lie and refused to support an investigation into the violence enacted by Trump loyalists on January 6th. 60% of Americans will face an election denier on the ballot this November.

The 2022 midterm election sets the stage for what is possible in 2024.

The next time Trump (or any other MAGA extremist) refuses to accept the results of a free and fair election, we know that if Democrats do not hold a house majority, an investigation will not happen. And they are already preparing to sabotage future elections.

We must act NOW to stop them:

  • Find an event near you to demand accountability for Trump and his allies. Our Freedom, Our Vote events are happening across the country through October 23, find one near you and make your voice heard. If you don’t see one near you, click here to host your own.
  • Donate $17 to Give No Ground today. We started Give No Ground with a small tactical number of races we needed to win in order to hold and expand our majorities. With our rights — to have our vote counted and to bodily autonomy, to name two — on the ballot, more races are now toss-ups. We have 17 potential additional candidates, help us expand our Give No Ground program to reach more voters in key toss-up races we need to win to keep our House majority.

We have 26 days to secure the future of American elections. There is no time to waste.



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