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3 min readAug 24


By Leah Greenberg, Indivisible Action Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director

The 2024 Presidential election is upon us. Last night, the Republican hopefuls gathered without their frontrunner to defend his Big Lie, call for harsher restrictions on reproductive freedom, and push horrifying ideas like a war with Mexico. Since 2020, the MAGA Republican Party has accelerated its descent into extremism but once again, across the country, the Indivisible movement is rising up to meet them and beat them. When President Biden announced his reelection campaign in April, we celebrated his decision — and now, we are ready to ask our movement to formalize our support.

Today, we are asking you to take a crucial step on the path to victory in 2024. We are asking you to vote to endorse President Joe Biden.

Why are we asking you to vote?

First, because we believe that Joe Biden deserves your vote. He has led our country through a perilous period, delivered transformational legislation on climate change with the slimmest of congressional majorities, and restored decency and goodness to the White House. His administration’s accomplishments include:

  • Passing the largest climate investment in our nation’s history in the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Taking on Big Pharma and winning, finally allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for seniors
  • Confirming Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court in a historic first, along with justices across the federal judiciary at an unprecedented pace
  • Leading the country through the worst of the COVID crisis through passage of the American Rescue Plan
  • Passing the first meaningful gun safety legislation in 30 years
  • Strengthening protections for LGBTQ+ Americans
  • Shepherding in the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and boosting wages for millions of workers
  • Fighting to reduce the burden of student debt, even in the face of historic opposition from the MAGA Supreme Court

We need to reelect him, and we need to send him back with even bigger majorities, so that he can do what he’s promised to do: codify abortion rights, protect our democracy, and make our economy work for all.

Second, we believe that the best way to show that President Biden has the grassroots momentum he needs to win in 2024 is with a resounding vote from our movement. In 2020, Indivisible members voted with an overwhelming majority to fulfill the Indivisible Pledge — a commitment to endorse whoever won the Democratic primary. We want to speak with that same resounding unity again this year, particularly as Kevin McCarthy discusses launching a MAGA-driven, baseless impeachment inquiry on the administration as soon as Congress returns to session. So with this vote, you’re raising your hand to say that you’re in to do what it takes to reelect Joe Biden and to send the forces of Donald Trump and MAGA extremism back to the dustbin of history.

That’s why we are asking you to take part today and cast your vote on this crucial decision. Voting will be open to all Indivisibles beginning today through Tuesday, August 29 at 11:59pm PT. We will then analyze the submissions and send a follow-up email announcing the results on Tuesday, September 5. If at least 60% of the votes cast are in favor of endorsing, we will endorse.

Everything we care about is on the ballot next November: our bodily autonomy, economic and climate justice, and the fate of democracy itself. We can and will use our people power to win: to reelect Joe Biden, expand our majorities, and reclaim our rights and democracy. That work starts here.



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