We need more than 500k signatures to put abortion on the ballot in Arizona

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3 min readSep 22, 2023

We’ve got an exciting update out of Arizona! In the coming days, Indivisibles will officially start gathering signatures to help put abortion rights on the ballot in 2024.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe, MAGA Republicans jumped at the chance to outlaw abortions in Arizona. They started with a 15 week ban, but now they want to go even further, reviving an 1864 law that would ban almost all abortions in the state. We’re fighting back and supporting the Arizona Abortion Access coalition’s efforts to put an amendment on the ballot in 2024 that would enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution.

From Ohio to Wisconsin, we’ve seen that when abortion rights are on the ballot, people turn out. And in 2024, there’s nowhere turnout will be more important than in Arizona — a state with two flippable House seats, a state legislature up for grabs, a vital Senate race, and must-win Electoral College votes.

Ultimately, this is an effort that could not only help us restore abortion rights in Arizona, but drive turnout so we can elect a Democratic trifecta capable of restoring abortion rights nationally.

The first step in the process is qualifying for the ballot and that means collecting over half a million signatures before July 2024. That’s going to take a massive, coordinated, statewide effort and we have a unique role to play here. No one has a bigger grassroots presence in Arizona than Indivisible, and our volunteers make up the bulk of the coalition’s signature gathering team.

These volunteers are doing this work to benefit us all. Can you help support them by chipping in to fund the effort?

Already, more than 1000 people have signed our pledge to help gather signatures and dozens of Indivisible groups across the state are taking part in the effort. This includes expert volunteers who have years of experience collecting signatures for multiple ballot initiatives. But there are also folks who have never worked on a signature gathering campaign including some of the 150 volunteers who completed our training this week!

Indivisibles in Arizona are raring to go, but in order for this campaign to succeed, we have to make sure our volunteers have the resources they need. That includes some of the basics like clipboards, pens, signs, and reimbursements for a whole host of resources that keep grassroots organizers motivated. If you’re ready to help us put abortion on the ballot in Arizona, click here to pitch in and supply our grassroots volunteers with all of their signature-gathering needs.

$5 = Box of 60 pens

$10 = Signs for tabling

$16 = 6-pack of clipboards

$25 = Indivisible tote bag to carry this stuff

Your support will go a long way to helping us put abortion on the ballot in Arizona, but we want to reiterate what a significant impact it’ll have nationwide. The massive grassroots investment we’re making will affect other races up and down the ballot in Arizona.

We’ve already seen from our poll with Data for Progress that a constitutional amendment on abortion will help boost turnout with a cumulative 9% increase in vote likelihood in Democrats’ favor. That’s huge in a state that Joe Biden won by just 0.03%.

Heading into 2024, we have the opportunity to secure abortion rights in Arizona and also pave the path to a trifecta that can codify Roe. But to make it happen, it’s going to take all of us. So if you’re able to, click here to pitch in and support our campaign.

We have a lot of work ahead of us (again, half a million signatures!) but we know we have the public on our side and the grassroots energy to match.

P.S. — You can click here to learn more about the Arizona Abortion Access coalition and to find more ways to get involved in our work in Arizona, click here to check out our campaign site.



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