We’ve got a big decision to make in Arizona (and it impacts everything we hope to accomplish in 2024)

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3 min readAug 18


By Leah Greenberg, Indivisible Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director

Last week in Ohio, the forces of reproductive freedom saw a big win.

Republicans tried to sneak an under-the-radar special election past Ohioans. They had a clear goal: to undermine the ballot initiative process and make it harder for Ohio voters to pass a reproductive rights referendum this fall.

It blew up in their faces. Their initiative failed dramatically, 57%-43%.

And there’s a lesson here for all of us. From Ohio’s victory to Wisconsin’s Supreme Court blowout this spring, what we’ve seen is that when you tell voters that abortion rights are on the ballot, they turn out.

Our next big fight? Arizona.

With two flippable House seats, a crucial opportunity to replace Kyrsten Sinema with a real Democrat, and must-win Electoral College votes, the path to national victory runs straight through Arizona — and having an abortion rights amendment on the ballot could help drive turnout up and down the ticket.

We’re supporting the Arizona Abortion Access coalition, which launched last week, to put an amendment enshrining a constitutional right to abortion on the ballot in 2024.

Last week, Politico got a hold of new polling that we did with Data for Progress on abortion in Arizona. Here’s what we found (and here’s the full strategy memo, if you want to dive in):

  • 60% of AZ voters consider themselves pro-choice.
  • 58% think the Supreme Court was wrong to overturn Roe.
  • The presence of a reproductive rights constitutional amendment on the ballot makes Democrats more likely to vote and Republicans less likely to vote — with a cumulative 9% increase in vote likelihood in Democrats’ favor

These are huge numbers for a state that Joe Biden won by 0.3% — they could easily make the difference between victory or loss in 2024. And that makes us even more determined to ensure that next year, Arizona voters have this crucial amendment on their ballot.

Now, there’s a high threshold to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot in Arizona: You have to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures. It’s time-intensive, resource-intensive work. But I traveled across Arizona to get out the vote for the 2022 election, and I cannot emphasize enough: Indivisible groups are FIRED UP and ready to go. They’re ready to gather signatures, knock doors, and do the work to secure reproductive freedom for every Arizonan — and turn out voters to deliver a Democratic House, Senate, and President in 2024. And we want to support them however we can to do it.

So here’s my ask for you: Can you pitch in to help?

We’ve started an Arizona PAC to support this work, and we need to raise $70,000 into it by September 1 in order to hire a campaigner who will focus specifically on working with Arizona’s Indivisible groups to collect signatures to get this amendment on the ballot. This is time-intensive work and we need to get started ASAP. Your contribution will help us ensure that Indivisible groups have the resources and support they need.

This is a real deadline — the funds we get by the end of this month will determine how big we can go. So if you agree with this plan, and you want to fight for abortion rights and our democracy, please give now.

We can protect our rights and save our democracy — but it’s going to take all of us.



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